confiture aux tomates vertes – green tomato jam

I remember trying this jam the first time for the first time when we had come back from visiting the family in England. We stayed in a small chateau in Normandy and the homemade green tomato jam was served with croissants for breakfast at the large wooden table in the kitchen dominated by a inglenook fireplace. It was tart, slightly lemony and reminded me a little of gooseberry jam. A few years ago I tried Christine Ferber’s fantastic green tomato jam, brought back from her charming shop in Niedermorschwihr, Alsace along with her big tome on jam making. I did not follow her recipe here since the book was far, far away (upstairs) and I had some jam sugar to use up. But I maybe there will be more green tomatoes around and I might make another batch soon to compare. The jam does look a bit greener though than in this particular photo.
Confiture aux tomates vertes
1 kg green tomatoes
500 g of jam sugar (german Gelierzucker 1:2, to make a fruitier version) or ordinary caster sugar for a traditional jam (in this case I would use equal amounts of fruit and sugar)
100 g sugar
1 organic lemon, zest & juice
4 x 250g jam jars
Chop the tomatoes in small pieces and stir in a large sauce pan with the jam sugar and extra sugar. Cover and leave overnight to develop the juice. This way one gets a jam with a few chunkier bits in – if you prefer a finer, more even texture, then blend it next day.
Rinse jars in hot water to sterilize and place in a hot oven until they are needed. This way they stay hot and clean until needed. One could run them in the dishwasher as well, although I find that a bit of a palaver.
Pour your fruit puree back into the saucepan, add the zest and juice of the lemon and stir to combine. Bring to a boil and cook for about 5 minutes or until a little amount of jam dropped on a saucer and briefly left in the fridge stays firm-ish = is not runny. Using a funnel and a ladle or if you are super deft, pour the hot jam into the prepared glasses and close the lids immediately. Leave to cool and label.

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