Elderberry Cosmopolitan

Anemone by the james kitchen
Anemone, a photo by the james kitchen on Flickr.

Here is the start of the weekend and it is even better than I thought. The photo of the cocktail does not muster up, so the deep purple stamen of the Anemone has to work here as an illustration of the same coloured drink. I prefer my cocktails a little smaller, like Nick & Nora in The Thin Man, so in my book this recipe is for two. You do have some room for wine with dinner without being totally sloshed or go ahead and do as William Powell did and have another one…

Elderberry Cosmopolitan
makes 1 big or 2 modest cocktails

4 parts of Wodka (60ml)
2 parts Triple Sec (30ml)
2 parts Elderberry cordial (30ml)
1 part lime juice (15ml)

Mix in a shaker with crushed ice, shake vigorously and pour into a cocktail glass or share between two small ones.


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