Since the last Casino Royale we all know that the original 007 shaken-not-stirred-Martini is made with Kina Lillet and a great revival of this iconic French Vermouth has started. Lillet blanc on its own with ice & lemon twist does make a fantastic aperitif which I enjoy immensely and I just found this Lillet & Lemon which sounds lovely, too but the other night we had Vespers.

Vesper (Martini)

I know, that purists of the dry Martini drinking profession prefer that the dry Vermouth plays its dry part literally & is only shown from far away to the Gin, lesser perfectionists have the glass perfumed (swirl a little Vermouth in the glass & discard). I, for my part am in the sissy-camp, I even upgraded the prescribed quantity of ½ part Lillet to a full part and the drink is still “very strong” but also very, very nice. Serve with a twist of lemon peel for it adds just a smidgen of fragrant lemon oil and it does look pretty and after one – we expect you to get sloshed, Mr Bond.

sloshed (släSHt/)
adjective: sloshed
drunk.”I drank a lot of martinis and got sloshed”



Vesper – a dry Martini

adapted from Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, 1953: though I doubled the amount of Lillet, used Hendricks gin


1 part Lillet blanc
3 parts gin (we used aromatic Hendricks instead of a cleaner tasting Gin)
1 part Vodka (Absolut)
twist of lemon peel

Shake over ice until ice-cold, pour into a martini glass (or deep champagne goblet as does Mr Bond), add the lemon peel – I vaguely remember that you are supposed to twist the twist to release the aromatic oils.


Auf deutsch:

Vesper – ein trockener Martini

Adaptiert von Ian Flemings Casino Royale, 1953: ich habe den originalen ½ Teil Lillet verdoppelt, Hendricks Gin verwendet


1 Teil Lillet blanc
3 Teile Gin (wir hatten sehr intensiven Hendricks statt einen klareren Gin)
1 Teil Wodka (Absolut)

Über Eis schütteln bis der Martini eiskalt ist, dann in ein Martiniglas (oder eine tiefe Champagnerschale wie Mr Bond) gießen, die Zitronenschale hinzugeben – und wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, dann preßt man zuerst ein wenig des aromatischen Öls aus der Schale in den Cocktail.




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