Momofuku pork buns & pork belly ssäms








Find the recipe in German below / für das Deutsche Rezept s. u.

The heat. It makes me crave salty, spicy, briny, bacon-y buns. Here are two, if you feel the same:

Momofuku pork buns & pork belly ssäms with pickled mustard seed sauce

These are THE Momofuku pork buns, the pork buns, Momofuku, David Chang’s restaurant in New York, is famous for. – Or rather the German milk roll short-cut to the fabulous pork belly sandwich with crunchy quick-pickled cucumbers, plummy (no plums in there) Hoisin sauce & Sriracha-heat to bring it all together (even if you cannot abide hot sauces, do not leave out). As I said, this is a short-cut version, which means buying the buns (lucky if you can find the authentic Chinese steamed buns) or, if far away from such luxuries: substitute German Milchbrötchen (= milk rolls: soft & slightly sweet small buns, which are not as rich as brioche, but are quite similar to the steamed buns and equally contain milk powder). For the real experience you should make the original steamed buns a weekend project & produce industrial quantities, which is fun & very rewarding: The recipe works really well, they keep excellent in the freezer – great for future bun cravings. If your freezer is chock-a-block-full like ours or on the small side – these soft German rolls are great stand-ins. Continue reading


Mexican Green Goddess dressing









If the phrase Lightning never strikes twice only would be true, then we might be safe for all eternity (unfortunately, that’s a myth). A few things got fried: phone & router & AirPort & the likes and it took a while to replace them as well as to get everything back up and running. But… I actually found being cut off quite a soothing state of (temporary) splendid isolation. Which brings me to this:

You can say about Gwyneth Paltrow’s cooking what you like but better try this dressing first: once you modify it and substitute a fresh goat yoghurt for the vegan mayonnaise, it is fabulous. A Mexican riff on the Green Goddess dressing takes the creamy (mayonnaise) green herb salad sauce to a bright & fresh Spa version, which is not only highly addictive, but even more beneficial than the original, it might need a CA zip code. Good bacteria (yoghurt) are all the rage…again & the green zingy freshness (lime! coriander! Spring onions!) a true Californian, if you ask me and I can’t get enough of it. Continue reading

Blueberry Bundt Cake










Das deutsche Rezept für diesen Blaubeerenkranz ist natürlich unten.

It’s blueberry season (yippee) and we are lucky to live close to a blueberry farm where we I pick up large baskets every Saturday to last us through the week – impossible to have breakfast without them! Flush with an abundance of blueberries as the result of overzealous berry shopping – Is there really a better way then have them in a cake? Continue reading