Corn-tomato-basil salad



Recipe in German at the end of this post / Das Rezept gibt es auch auf Deutsch, siehe unten.



Jenny Rosenstrach is quite stern about having this salad, no excuses. And boy, is she right! Everything is in season: sun-ripened tomatoes, the sweet corn is fresh & local and many times just pinched picked of the stalk, the dark green basil overwhelmingly fragrant. These prime ingredients only need a little dressing of oil & I think a squeeze of lime. At the utmost, perhaps a pinch of chilli for a spicy kick but that’s it and you’ve got a wonderful summer salad, a refreshing side to mushroom & jalapeno quesadillas or any meaty, fishy, clucky, veggie main course. It comes to true form at a barbecue or makes a great taco filling (fish tacos with this salad & Mexi-slaw) and completes romaine lettuce & avocado for a splendid lunch. You might think ‘What is she on, relax, it is just a salad.’ All I’m saying is, try it and join the club. I am making buttons.

About the maize: American corn is quite different from European sweet corn or field maize. The corncobs are a little thinner and its smaller polished kernels shine like jewels. Blue, red, brown, white coloured corn or variegated varieties are often seen alongside the common yellow corn and some of them have been around since prehistoric times, see the Guilá Naquitz Cave in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Sweet corn on the cob

Best bet for finding fresh corncobs with their husks in Germany: Farmers Markets, roadside farm stalls, fields (you’ll ask, of course), Turkish grocers, ethnic shops. Some supermarkets sell (sometimes) packaged ‘fresh’ corn ears without the husks and some supermarkets are only offering vacuum-packed precooked flabby things (please don’t).

Other (sweet) corn recipes here so far: cornbread, corn with fresh epazote


Corn-Tomato-Basil salad

Adapted from Jenny Rosenstrach’s Dinner: A Love Story who is spot on: everything is in season, peak really and these fresh & ripe beauties need just a little dressing of oil & I think lime. Add a pinch of chilli powder for a spicy kick.


  • Sweet corncobs (corn ears)
  • tomatoes
  • spring onions (scallions)
  • basil
  • lime(s)
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper

Proportions of the ingredients are to taste… but if you need a pointer for a side for four: 2 large or 3 small corn ears, a punnet (1lb or 500g) cocktail tomatoes, 3 spring onions, a handful basil leaves, juice of ½ lime, a generous drizzle of olive oil

Cook corn for ca. 3-5 minutes (for smaller cobs & kernels of the beautiful US corn, sadly not available here) and 5-7 minutes for its chunkier European counterparts (use either Sweet corn or ordinary corn). Let cool & shuck: halve the cob, stand the pieces upright and one after the other cut the kernels off the cob by slicing a knife close to the centre. Cut the tomatoes in olive-sized pieces (I quartered red-ripe date & cocktail tomatoes), chop spring onions & basil. Mix and dress and season and tuck in.


Sweetcorn-Tomato-Basil salad

Mais-Tomaten-Basilikum Salat

Adaptiert von Jenny Rosenstrachs Dinner: A Love Story, die den Nagel auf den Kopf trifft: alle Zutaten sind gerade auf dem Höhepunkt ihrer Saison und brauchen nicht wirklich viel um zu glänzen, außer dass ich noch etwas Limettensaft hinzufüge. Wer etwas Schärfe braucht nimmt ein wenig Chili.


  • Maiskolben
  • Tomaten
  • Frühlingszwiebeln
  • Basilikum
  • Limette
  • Olivenöl
  • Salz & Pfeffer

Die Proportionen dieses wunderbaren Sommersalats sind wirklich nach Geschmack und können ganz locker gehandelt werden… als Beilage (Grillen!) kann man für 4 Personen von 2 großen Maiskolben ausgehen, 1 Pfund kleine Cocktailstrauchtomaten, 3-4 Frühlingszwiebeln, eine Handvoll Basilikumblätter, Saft von ½ Limette und ein großzügiger Schuß Olivenöl.

Die Maiskolben für ca. 5-7 Minuten kochen, abkühlen lassen, halbieren, die kürzeren Stücke aufrecht halten und mit einem Messer nahe am Kern entlang die Maiskörner abtrennen. Die Tomaten in kleine Stücke teilen, kleine Cocktailtomaten werden geviertelt. Frühlingszwiebeln in Ringe schneiden sowie Basilikum hacken. Alle Zutaten mischen & mit Limettensaft, Olivenöl, Salz & Pfeffer würzen.



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