Fig tart – tarte aux figues


Look for the German recipe at the end; Deutsches Rezept am Ende

Figs are abundant and at their absolute best right now. Here, dark purple figs from Turkey with their ruby red interior dominate the fruit displays and this cake, while Black Mission figs were my preferred choice when living in CA – naturally. Figs can either be very bland with woolly flesh or wonderfully sweet, ripe & bursting with flavour. And exactly those with a dark red jewel heart must be seeked out for this super easy & tasty tart, that can be thrown together in seconds. Most of the few ingredients might already be in your fridge and larder or can be stocked easily for an instant fruity cake fix.


This tarte aux figues came to life a few years ago when we were celebrating my Mum’s 70th Birthday and a few hours before the family arrived for lunch, I suddenly panicked that TWO cakes (one of those my cousin’s Black Forest Gateau) would not be enough for ELEVEN people … What can I say?

Changes or twists are easily done: I love hazelnuts and think they add a distinct woodsy nuttiness to the figs so I substituted those for the original almonds, sometimes adding a few toasted whole nuts to the fig topping or leaving them out when (frankly) forgotten. I am sure any not too sweet, tart fruit jelly or jam (raspberry, grape) will work in this recipe though for me the intense redcurrant sourness of my homemade jelly (extra brownie points here for using own stuff), which sums up all the summery garden smells reminding me of endless days spend with my grandfather. Red currant jelly has been always a favourite breakfast spread in our (German) family though most countries near exclusively use red currant jelly in a savoury context as a condiment to game dishes.


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super quick fig tart

Fig tart – Tarte aux figues

Serves 6, adapted from le genial Stéphane Reynaud

A sheet of butter puff pastry (200g / 7oz), fresh or frozen
80g (1/3 cup) butter
80g (1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon) raw cane (Turbinado) or ordinary sugar
100g (a heaped ¾ cup) ground hazelnuts (freshly ground if possible)
1-2 tablespoons redcurrant jelly (my jam is self-made and very tart, adjust sugar if yours is sweeter)
1 egg
5-6 ripe purple figs such as the purple Turkish or black Mission figs when in CA
Preheat the oven to 160° C (320° F).

Depending on what puff pastry you’ll use: cut out an adequate circle and move with the baking paper into 24cm (9½ inches) tart form with a removable bottom. Roll out other puff pastry on sugar sprinkled baking parchment and equally move a circle with its paper into the tart tin.

Melt the butter and mix – slightly cooled – with sugar, hazelnuts, redcurrant jelly and the egg and spread this mixture onto your tart shell. Slice the figs (horizontally) in 7-10mm (¼ -3/8 inch) slices and place them slightly overlapping in a pretty pattern onto the hazelnut-redcurrant spread. Bake for 30 minutes.

Feigentarte - fig tart

Super schnelle Feigentarte – tarte aux figues

Reicht für 6 Personen, adaptiert vom genialen Stéphane Reynaud

200g Butterblätterteig, frisch oder TK
80g Butter
80g roher Rohrzucker oder (raffinierter weißer) Zucker
100g gemahlene Haselnüsse (frisch gemahlen wenn möglich)
1-2 EL rotes Johannisbeergelee (meines ist selbstgemacht und sehr sauer, bei gekauften süßeren Versionen eventuell den Zucker reduzieren)
1 Ei
5-6 reife violette Feigen (türkische oder schwarze Mission wenn in CA)

Den Backofen auf 160°C vorheizen und eine 24cm Tarteform mit losem Boden mit dem Blätterteig auskleiden: kreisförmig zugeschnittenen Blätterteig gleich mit dem Papier in die Form geben, andere Blätterteigvarianten auf mit Zucker bestreutem Backpapier ausrollen und ebenfalls mit dem Papier in die Form einpassen.

Die Butter zerlassen und – leicht abgekühlt – mit Zucker, Haselnüssen, Johannisbeergelee und dem Ei vermischen und auf den Blätterteigboden streichen. Darauf die in Scheiben (7-10mm) geschnittenen Feigen leicht überlappend in einem schönen Muster arrangieren und die Tarte für ca. 30 Minuten backen.

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