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Happy Halloween!

I’ve made these for our first proper Halloween in California and am, as I was then, still totally smitten with these weird cookies with their red varnished fingertips peeking out in-between the sweets in the bowl. They are totally charming and a mighty quick Halloween treat to make, so here’s the recipe for you to create some severed fingers in no time before the door bell rings.

I’ve made two batches this week here in Germany and the fingers turned out a bit flatter & puffier than my American ones which I am unscientifically ascribing to the higher butter fat content in European butter but to be sure, more tests have to be undertaken – any volunteers?


Finger cookies

Makes 30. Adapted from Martha Stewart.


30 whole blanched almonds
red food colouring (thin the paste with a tiny bit of water)
1 stick (114g) butter
½ cup (60g) icing sugar
5 tablespoons (60g) sugar
pinch of salt
2 eggs (1 egg separated)
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 2/3 cups (225g) flour

Paint one side of the almonds with red food colouring and leave to dry (best for a couple of hours).

Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C) and prepare two baking trays with baking parchment or similar.

Cream the butter with the sugars and a pinch of salt. Incorporate 1 whole egg, 1 yolk (keep the white for later) and vanilla extract, then just work the flour in. Form the soft dough into a flat disc and wrap in cling film (plastic wrap) and keep in the fridge for 1 hour until firm.

Halve the dough, cut each half into 15 pieces and roll into fingers. Form a slightly bulgy knuckle in the middle of the finger by pinching the roll above and below. Make three horizontal lines on the knuckle, pressing the back of a knife into the dough (look at your knuckles) and add the red fingernail at one end. Brush each finger with egg white and bake for 12 minutes until lightly browned.




Ergibt 30 Finger, adaptiert von Martha Stewart.


30 blanchierte Mandeln
rote Lebensmittelfarbe (Paste mit ein wenig Wasser verdünnen)
114g Butter
60g Puderzucker
60g Zucker
eine Prise Salz
2 Eier (1 Ei getrennt)
¼ TL Vanilleextrakt
225g Mehl


Eine Seite der Mandeln mit der Lebensmittelfarbe lackieren und trocknen lassen (am besten für ein paar Stunden).

Den Backofen auf 175°C vorheizen und zwei Backbleche mit Backpapier oder ähnlichem vorbereiten.

Butter mit Puderzucker, Zucker und Salz verrühren, das ganze Ei sowie das einzelne Eigelb (das Eiweiß für später aufheben) und Vanilleextrakt hinzufügen und einarbeiten. Schließlich das Mehl nur kurz unterrühren und den weichen Teig in Frischhaltefolie einwickeln, flach pressen und für ca. 1 Stunde im Kühlschrank fester werden lassen.

Den Teig halbieren, jede Hälfte in 15 Stücke teilen und zu Fingern rollen. In der Mitte jedes Fingers einen Knöcheln formen indem man ober- und unterhalb den Teig etwas zusammendrückt. Dann mit einem Messerrücken drei horizontale Linien in den Knöchel drücken (am besten kurz den eigenen Knöcheln anschauen). Einen roten Mandelfingernagel an einem Ende andrücken und jeden Finger mit Eiweiß bestreichen. Für ca. 12 Minuten leicht goldbraun backen.






9 thoughts on “Finger cookies

  1. Happy Halloween! I love these! I love the holiday spirit you’re bringing, Nicole. That nail polish is so great. Creepy! I think the problem might be the flour, not the butter, but I’m not sure. I’ve heard European all purpose flour is different than American. I’ve never tried baking in Europe though. These actually look really delicious. Almonds, butter and sugar? Hey, I’ll eat these fingers! Enjoy!

    • Amanda, thank you. It is so strange how a little bit of red turns these almonds into fingernails. I’ll check the flour, it’s an odd thing, I’ve never had a problem before using King Arthur flour in the US for my European recipes and German Type 405 (all purpose flour) for American recipes. Maybe the weather plaid a role, too. We had a really warm few days before Halloween. See you, Nicole

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