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Can you believe it, until a few months ago I never had a proper green mango salad! A botched version once made from a fruit caught in limbo between unripe and tasteless was quite off-putting but let’s just forget the sad & sorry thing. This Thai classic is glorious, a revelation, it’s like a refreshing bath in a cold mountain pool or the ice-bucket challenge, it wakes all those slumbering taste buds and is an absolutely wonderful companion to seafood. 

Fried fish in a crispy batter is perfectly balanced by this fresh salad, it is also a worthy match for sweet barbecued shrimps or spicy cod steamed in a banana leaf like we had one evening. Equally good as a light, fresh starter to a Thai aubergine curry the week after that and I am looking forward for another one I’ve made again today to re-check the seasoning. Really, give me any reason to make one, it is that addictive and fabulously good for a great night with your husband, girlfriend or best friend: Missing you a lot, my friend, being such a long way away in Dallas – wish you were here now. Kiss, kiss, don’t worry.



Green mango salad

Serves 2-4 as a side. Adapted from Leela Punyaratabandhu: Simple Thai Food.



3-5 little green unripe mangos
1 tablespoon (fresh) lime juice
1 tablespoon fish sauce
2 teaspoons grated palm sugar (alternative: light brown sugar or cane sugar)
2 red Thai chillies (substitute by less hot red chillies to taste), thinly sliced
2-3 Thai shallots or 1 shallot, sliced into fine rings
1-2 spring onions, green parts only, thinly sliced
fresh coriander (about ¼ cup), chopped
fresh mint (about ¼ cup), chopped
cashews (or if you happen to be out of those: skinned whole peanuts), roasted & roughly chopped


Peel the mangos and cut the flesh into fine, thin strips – either with a handy Thai peeler for these salads, a julienne peeler, on a box grater or a Japanese mandoline. Whisk together lime juice, fish sauce and dissolve the palm sugar. Toss with mango, chillies, shallots, spring onions and taste: it should be mainly sour, followed by salty and have only the slightest hint of sweetness. Mix with herbs and chopped nuts.




Rezept auf Deutsch:


Thailändischer Salat aus grüner Mango

Reicht für 2-4 Personen als Beilage. Adaptiert nach Leela Punyaratabandhus Simple Thai Food.


3-5 kleine unreife grüne Mangos
1 EL (frisch gepresster) Limettensaft
1 EL Fischsauce
2 TL geraspelter Palmzucker (alternativ brauner Zucker)
2 rote Thai Chilis (nach Geschmack durch weniger scharfe rote Chilis ersetzen), in dünne Scheiben geschnitten
2-3 Thaischalotten oder 1 Schalotte, in dünne Ringe geschnitten
1-2 Frühlingszwiebeln, grüner Teil, in dünne Ringe geschnitten
frischer Koriander (ca. ¼ Tasse), grob gehackt
frische Minze (ca. ¼ Tasse), grob gehackt
Cashewkerne (oder falls die gerade nicht zur Hand sind: Erdnüsse), geröstet & grob gehackt


Die Mangos schälen und das Fruchtfleisch in sehr dünne Streifen schneiden – entweder mit einem speziellen thailändischen Schäler für diese Art Salate, einem Julienneschäler, mit einer feinen Reibe oder einer japanischen Mandoline.

Limettensaft, Fischsauce und Palmzucker verrühren, Zucker darin auflösen und mit Mango, Chili, Schalotte und Frühlingszwiebeln mischen. Abschmecken: es sollte vorwiegend sauer schmecken, dann salzig und nur ein ganz wenig Süße im Hintergrund haben. Dann erst Kräuter und Nüsse hinzugeben.



18 thoughts on “Green mango salad

  1. 20 degrees, spring is here and your mango salad hit the right spot! The crunchiest, healthiest way of getting totally addicted. Hot, sweet, sour, salty – the perfect Thai combination. Thank you for reminding me of my days, working in the Bangkok smog, blouse clinging to my skin in the humidity, this was one of the few dishes that could cool me down. The other option was to eat loads of chili of just simply jump in the river. Give me the green mango salad anytime! Jxxx

    • Same spring bliss here, simply delightful. Wow, Jeanette, Bangkok sounds amazing and one day (soon) I need to hear more about those hot chili & green mango salad days, preferably with a cool glass of white wine. Off to try some paella… n xxx

    • Hi Linda, that’s what happened to me (see first sour mango salad disaster) but my local Asian shop has carried them forever, I just did not know about them then. They look like really, really small smooth avocados / mini mangoes. Online or Waitrose would be my next best guess. Hope you’ll find some! Nicole

  2. Looks delicious. I’ve been on a mission for like 13 years to find a good thai place in Germany, and finally I found two. Aroydee in Frankfurt (have you been there? This place has extra menu for thai people) and Papaya in Berlin. I was so happy, I almost cried. 😉 but on the positive side of not being able to find good thai places, I learned to make thai at home. Anyways I must give this a try. Cheers! Angie

    • Angie, thank you and tell how you liked it. Obviously, I am an addict now. Indeed, it took a long time for some proper Thai restaurants to arrive and others to depart from the ubiquitous coconut curries with varying degrees of authenticity (not that I would consider myself anything but an amateur). We eat regularly at a tiny Thai place where they cook as they were taught by their grandmother and it is delicious. It opened my heart again for Thai cuisine and a few more cookbooks entered our house… Next time you are in town, I’ll take you there. Have not been to Aroydee but will definitely go when we are back. Nicole xx

  3. What a beautiful recipe. I can see it paired with fish too. Perfect. I’m glad you tried again. Sometime it takes another culture to open your eyes to something you’ve previously overlooked. What I love about your cooking is the way you elevate simple ingredients to something glorious. I’m catching up on everything you’ve been up to these days. I’m finally home for a bit!

    • Hi Amanda, thank you for your kind words and you are absolutely right, most things are so worth a second look and try – you always nail it. Just returning myself and catching up! N.

  4. I don´t cook Thai cuisine too often, but this sounds so unbelievably good , and mango, though just the “usual one” from supermarkets here, happens to be one of our favorite fruits. This is a must-try, Nicole!!

    • Thank you Sabine, we have sort of re-discovered the other Thai food, are so blown away by the freshness and lightness of it that we have to pace ourselves and not repeat the same dishes every week. Just catching up with all here after a desperately needed holiday… How is the move going? N xx

      • So far everything is going ok, thanks for asking, Nicole. Trying to enjoy these last weeks here in Munich with all our stuff disappearing slowly, packed into boxes….!

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