Oregano bucatini with tomatoes









There are days when I feel uninspired, sluggish and my normally sunny disposition tends to be more on the grumpy side. I want to have good food (fast), something delicious and healthy without a lot of pottering around. So, please do not ask me to make ‘something simple’ (without naming one ‘simple dish’ or offering specific suggestions) or let me start the huge complicated dinner project originally planned for that evening – better not ask me anything if you value your life since this state is quickly followed by a hefty side of hangry-ness. Generally carbs, pasta in particular, are a like a St. Bernard for me and these wonderfully aromatic herby, silky, satisfying oregano & tomato bucatini are about the fastest cure for anything from sluggishness to no-time-to-cook or not-in-the-mood-to-make-dinner states of mind, and above all hangry or furious wives. Other days, only a bacon sandwich or chocolate cake will do.

Bucatini are toothsome noodles, they are like thick spaghetti with a little whole in the middle or very, very thin maccheroni. This dish lives from simple but good ingredients (it’s only tomatoes, oregano, pasta) and started its life as the oregano bucatini with a sprinkling of raw tomatoes from the first River Café cookbook and constantly changes its appearance. Currently, I prefer this satisfying, saucier version with slightly melted tomatoes and the odd knob of butter to envelop these gorgeous meaty noodles to fight the fatigue. After a full plate, I fall back into my chair rubbing my full belly, a smile on my face and I wonder what the drama was all about. All is right again in the James’ kitchen. Yes, you guessed, my husband has the patience of a saint.


Art link: William-Adolpe Bouguereau: Orestes pursued by the Furies (1862), Chrysler Museum of Art, Virginia, USA and San Lorenzo (1613) by Gianlorenzo Bernini, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze. San Lorenzo aka Lawrence of Rome is also the patron saint of cooks.


Oregano bucatini with tomatoes

Oregano & tomato bucatini

Serves 2.


160-200g / 5.6-7 oz bucatini
olive oil
300g / 1 pint mixed cherry tomatoes (ca. 30 yellow, orange & red), halved
2 teaspoons good dried oregano (I have a whole bunch of Italian oregano and shake it a few times)
1 tablespoon butter
salt & pepper
4 long sprigs of fresh oregano (about ¼ cup oregano leaves), chopped

Cook the bucatini according to the instructions in salted water until al dente (no further). Meanwhile heat a drop of olive oil in a pan over medium-hot heat and quickly sauté the tomato halves until they have just softened a little bit. Add the dried oregano, a knob of butter and season with salt & pepper. Drizzle a little pasta cooking water into the sauce and mix quickly with the bucatini. Finally, sprinkle with fresh oregano and a few grinds of black pepper. Tuck in.




Oregano bucatini with tomatoes

Bucatini mit Tomaten & frischem Oregano

Für 2 Personen.


160-200g Bucatini
300g bunte Kirschtomaten (ca. 30 gelbe, orangene und rote Tomaten), halbiert
2 TL guter getrockneter Oregano (ich habe einen Strauch italienischen Oregano, den ich über den Tomaten schüttele)
1 EL Butter
Salz & Pfeffer
4 lange Zweige frischer Oregano (ca. ¼ Tasse Blätter), gehackt

Die Bucatini nach Anweisung in Salzwasser al dente kochen (nicht darüberhinaus). Währenddessen Olivenöl in einer Pfanne bei mittlerer Hitze erwärmen und die Tomatenhälften darin sautieren bis sie etwas weich geworden sind. Den getrockneten Oregano, einen Stich Butter hinzugeben und mit Salz Und Pfeffer würzen. Ein wenig Kochwasser der Nudeln hineinrühren und die Sauce dann schnell mit den Bucatini mischen. Mit dem frischen Oregano vermengen, etwas schwarzen Pfeffer darüber mahlen und schnell die erste Gabel verputzen.




8 thoughts on “Oregano bucatini with tomatoes

    • Thanks Gerlinde, hope it’ll help. Struggling with temps in the 90’s here, 35°C and rising. So no thought about those ribs I am still only able of dreaming about. Sluggish indeed. N xx

  1. Hang on in there. Lovely recipe. Hope you don’t have the same heatwave as we do. It is 30 degrees in the shade and all we want to eat is ice cubes…
    Will try to get hold of some bucatini though.
    J x

    • Same here, yesterday 33°, today 35°C and still rising. Last week, I nearly switched the heating on – crazy. I just stocked up on ice cream and never had a better supper… N xx

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