summer holiday clams (with linguine)









Despite being back for a few weeks (wow, really?) I am still in holiday mode & mood and clinging (like a limpet) to the serenity of lazy days lounging on deck chairs with endless glasses of nice Burgundian whites – hence the … ‘crickets’. To me, nothing says summer & summer holidays more than clams, especially if they are called palourdes or vongole and are brought by a friendly waiter to a table overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or … maybe the Venetian lagoon. But at home they taste just as good tossed with barely melted ripe tomatoes, herbs, garlic and a mountain of linguine.

I adore simple & relaxed summer cooking when you are spoiled for choice of everything at absolute peak, select a few things and do as little as possible to them. Together, they sing and might even serenade.

This can hardly be called a recipe, just a guide to summer bliss with ingredients that can be bought at any farmers market (& fishmonger) which makes this a perfect dish for a quick supper or something that can be thrown together in any vacation rental. No measuring, no weighing, no excessive chopping, no complicated techniques, one can almost assemble these summery clams while nonchalantly balancing a glass of cold rosé in one hand. Eat outside, enjoy the balmy evening air, the flickering candles in hurricane lamps and the remarkably loud sound of those crickets, heavenly! I promise. If I could, I’d eat these twice a week throughout the whole summer. Shush, who’s watching carbs now?




Summer holiday linguine with clams

Serves 4


1kg / 2 ½ lbs. clams / cockles / vongole / palourdes; tiny tellines would be fabulous, too
linguine, I use about 70g per person
olive oil
the ripest tomatoes, two handfuls, chopped
1-3 garlic cloves, sliced
salt, pepper or pepperoncini if you like some spice
parsley or thyme or basil, chopped


About one hour before cooking: Soak clams in several changes of cold water to draw out the sand. Check for clams that do not close after being prodded, discard.

Cook linguine (in amply salted water). In a (lidded) pan or shallow pot which can accommodate the clams heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add tomato pieces (beware of the spluttering) and sautée for a few seconds until barely melted before throwing in the garlic. Reduce the heat, season, add a knob of butter along with the drained clams, cover with a lid and cook for 6-8 minutes until all have opened. Toss (including shells) with linguine and chopped herbs of your choice.





Deutsches Rezept:

summer holiday clams

Sommerferiengefühl: Venusmuscheln (mit Linguine)

4 Portionen. Dies ist kaum ein Rezept, eher ein Leitfaden bei dem alle Mengen Vorschläge und vollkommen variabel sind.


1kg Venusmuscheln; klitzekleine Tellines wären auch wunderbar
Linguine (ich nehme ca. 70g pro Person, 100g für hungrige Menschen)
die reifsten Tomaten des Sommers, vielleicht zwei Handvoll, in kleine Stücke geschnitten
1-3 Knoblauchzehen, in Scheiben
Salz, Pfeffer oder Pepperoncini falls Schärfe gewünscht ist
Petersilie oder Thymian oder Basilikum, gehackt


Eine Stunde vor dem Kochen die Muscheln in eine Schüssel mit kaltem Wasser geben um den verblieben Sand zu entfernen. Wasser mehrfach wechseln und Muscheln, die sich nach einem Stupser nicht wieder schließen (dauert etwas), entsorgen.

Linguine (in reichlich Salzwasser) kochen. In einem großen Topf mit Deckel oder einer Sauteuse, in die alle Muscheln passen, das Olivenöl bei mittlerer bis heißer Hitze erwärmen und die kurz die Tomatenstücke sautieren bis sie beginnen zu schmelzen (es spritzt anfänglich). Die Flamme herunterdrehen, dann den Knoblauch hinzufügen, würzen und einen Stich Butter sowie die abgeschütteten Muscheln hinzugeben. Im geschlossenen Topf 6-8 Minuten garen bis sich alle Muscheln geöffnet haben. Linguine untermischen und mit gehackten Kräutern bestreut servieren.




8 thoughts on “summer holiday clams (with linguine)

  1. I agree, this is a wonderful dish served overlooking a Mediterranean Sea or a lagoon. Oh well, it looks like I have to make it myself to enjoy it. I love your simple recipe. Welcome back!

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