Salad with smoked trout and pickled mustard seeds










One of my favourite starters this year, a delicate herb salad of beautiful reds & greens supports smoked trout with piquant pickled mustard seeds – each one a tiny caviar pearl bursting with flavour. Is there a better combination than dill, trout and mustard as a start to a nice dinner, oh – did I mention quails eggs yet? Cooked to waxy-soft perfection (achievable in just 2½ minutes!) they are my favourite part of any starter. A quick but quite elegant salad with minimum hassle and no tweezers, easy to prepare in advance if you so wish and light enough not to completely fill you up before anyone has even mentioned the main course. You know, just a little something that awakens your appetite and does not extinguish it, a real appetizer.

I love smoked fish as a starter, no I mean I could live on smoked salmon, sable, eel, trout, mackerel, pickled hering and the like and I certainly would if I were living on any coast or in walking distance / delivering vicinity of my favourite New York appetizer places. So, if you are hunting for festive dinner inspirations – and it seems there are many more occasions before the year is out – this nifty salad would be my suggestion since everything can be done ahead, so no sweating and fussing on the day of. Follow the salad by the boeuf bourguinon as we did last time, which is easy to prepare ahead of time as well but let’s not kid ourselves, Julia Child’s boeuf bourguinon does involve some time & work if you do it all from scratch and I mean starting at beef broth. The result is… priceless. Finish the dinner with a divine dessert of light (really, it’s quark) cheesecakes with dark, intense Amarena cherries & an incredible lemon jelly. You will be as happy as I was that the recipe makes more than six! Coming soon to a blog near you and now finally up there


Salad with smoked trout & pickled mustard seeds

Salad with smoked trout & pickled mustard seeds

red and green salad leaves (baby red chard, baby spinach, radicchio etc.)
chervil (keep some for decoration)
dill (keep some for decoration)
radishes, thinly sliced
red radish sprouts
smoked trout (1 filet per person)
quails eggs (2-3 per person)
pickled mustard seeds (recipe here)

Chardonnay vinegar or any mellow white wine vinegar (1 part)
a mixed nut or sunflower oil (3 parts)
a little honey if you like
tiny garlic clove, grated
salt & white pepper
Make the pickled mustard seeds. Cook the quails eggs for 2 ½ minutes, stop the cooking process by plunging them in cold water, then peel the tiny eggs. Whisk together the ingredients for the vinaigrette and dress the salad leaves and herbs. Plate and garnish with radish sprouts, a little more dill & chervil, trout topped with dollops of pickled mustard seeds and quails eggs halves.



Deutsches Rezept:

Salad with smoked trout & pickled mustard seeds

Salat mit geräucherter Forelle & eingelegten Senfkörnern

Rote und grüne Salate (Babyspinat, Baby rote Mangoldblätter, Radiccio etc.)
Kerbel, gezupft (einige zur Dekoration zurückbehalten)
Dill, gezupft (einige zur Dekoration zurückbehalten)
Radieschen, dünn gehobelt
rote Radieschensprossen
geräucherte Forelle (1 Filet pro Person)
Wachteleier (2-3 pro Person)
eingelegte Senfkörner (Rezept hier)

Chardonnayessig oder anderer milder Weißweinessig (1 Teil)
Nussöl oder Sonnenblumenöl (3 Teile)
eventuell etwas Honig
ganz kleine Knoblauchzehe, gerieben
Salz & weißer Pfeffer
Zuerst die Senfkörner einlegen. Wachteleier 2 ½ Minuten kochen, dann in kaltem Wasser abschrecken, anschließend pellen. Zutaten für die Vinaigrette verquirlen und die Salatblätter sowie die Kräuter damit anmachen. Salat auf Tellern anrichten und mit Radieschenscheiben, Dill & Kerbel, Forellenstückchen und eingelegten Senfsamen und Wachteleierhälften garnieren.


18 thoughts on “Salad with smoked trout and pickled mustard seeds

  1. I love the sound of those pickled mustard seeds, what a fabulous idea and perfect with any smoked fish. Such an elegant salad, Nicole, you have a lightness of touch which is often sadly lacking in my kitchen!

  2. Nicole, das klingt so lecker. Ich liebe geräucherten Fisch, Ei und Dill über alles, gerade zu Weihnachten erinnert mich diese Kombination an die gefüllten Eier und den Räucherlachs, den meine Mama immer auftischte und wovon ich immer soviel aß, daß ich eigentlich schon nach der Vorspeise satt war. Diese Version mit Forelle klingt einfach toll! Werde ich nachmachen!

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