Spinach-ricotta gnocchi









Well, I was going to write another quick post soon after the last one but… – who would have thought that having twins means not only, to employ the well worn but nevertheless true cliché, double the joy but also double the work, double no time & double no sleep. Lucky the people who have grandparents, aunts & uncles and the whole extended family around to alleviate the daily grind and provide small pockets of breathing space. We don’t, so it has been a hard year with fantastic experiences, precious moments coupled with absolutely back (& spirit) breaking times. I thought we had it covered. Continue reading


Broad bean bruschette








German recipe at the end / Rezept auf deutsch am Ende des Beitrages

Simple broad bean bruschette have an effortless & understated elegance about them, not only do they have the looks, they taste spectacular, too. Vivid green broad beans brightened by a little lemon & fresh mint, get piled on creamy ricotta & grilled bread and are finished by a sprinkle of fleur de sel (sea salt flakes).

Absolutely heavenly as a starter or great with drinks, they’ll also transform into a perfect lunch or light supper, which I could eat anytime: and I have done so again & again before I noticed that I might want to take a picture to share them. Adding a few slices of smoked salmon can make them a more substantial meal, if needed.

Broad beans are in season from spring to late summer (now), so in case you have overindulged on broad beans at the beginning of the season (yeah, me) and then sort of forgot about them when faced with summer’s abundance of other vegetables (corn, tomatoes, aubergines, zucchini…) there are still ample opportunities to rectify that grave oversight right now (revert to frozen, when out of luck for fresh). Continue reading

Ricotta pancakes

Ricotta pancakes

These little pancakes are heavenly: light, fluffy & a little tangy with a slight hint of lemon due to the ricotta. And… they are extremely good with strawberries and golden syrup (hey, there is no sugar in them) or yoghurt and a mixture of papaya, mango & passionfruit, which is my preferred version for lunch.

I would make them every other weekend alternating with paper-thin pancakes, were my husband only a pancake lover. He is not. That makes these even more special (to me) and quite a feast when served. Any weekend visitors will come as a welcome excuse to make those or occasionally, I’ll make them my lunch. There is quite a tradition in Germany for pancakes at lunchtime: large, thin pancakes (not a crêpe, though) with slices of apples or blueberries baked into them, served with a thin dusting of sugar. Most people harbour fond childhood memories of those as a treat after school. My grandparents were great apple pancake makers and of course, the apples came from their garden. Just the aroma of apples transports me back into their kitchen with my grandmother peeling apples in one swift move and amazing me with the long ribbon of peel every time.

Strawberries are finally back in season and the roadsides are littered with giant strawberries, arrows or tiny handwritten signs advertising farm shops or just a little stall with a few punnets. They impart an amazing aroma that pales every supermarket berry within a 100mile radius. Thank god, there are visitors coming next weekend…

Rezept auf Deutsch wie immer am Ende

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