Americano by the james kitchen
Americano, a photo by the james kitchen on Flickr.


Weekend. Cocktail. Americano. Dark red & bittersweet, this epitome of a sundowner tastes like an early evening, relaxing on a terrace in Italy, drink in hand & soaking up the last rays of sunshine and watch the sun set. At least that is my imagination here; you may conjure up your own setting.

Originally created Milano-Torino (150 years ago!) indicating the heritage of the two main ingredients: Campari from Milan & Cinzano Rosso, a dark red Vermouth from Turin, both in their own right veritable Italian aperitivi. Due to the drinks popularity with American expats, the name was changed to Americano. And to whom who thinks a cocktail recipe this old can’t be cool, let it be said: James Bond drinks it, too. Swap water for Gin (60ml) and you’ll get another classic: Negroni.

So, much later you’ll get the recipe as well. We had such unexpected lovely weather, walked the Highline to Chelsea Market, had a great lunch, did a leeettle bit of kitchen shopping (only absolutely necessary things, I swear) and walked some more through Central Park. Did you know that the Carousel stops s at 4pm? Well now we do, too.


Makes either one large cocktail for one, or two decent sized ones

¼ cup (60ml) Campari
¼ cup (60ml) Cinzano or Martini rosso
ice cubes
Sparkling or Soda water
orange slice

Place a few ice cubes into a cocktail glas (traditionalists use an Old Fashioned glas), add Campari & red Vermouth of choice, top with sparkling water (to taste). Garnish with a slice of orange or blood orange.



Americano auf Deutsch:
Rezept für einen großen Cocktail (manchmal braucht man das ganze Glas) oder zwei normale

60ml Campari
60ml Cinzano oder Martini rosso
Sprudelndes Wasser
Orangenscheibe (auch lecker: Blutorange)

Einige Eiswürfel in ein Cocktailglas geben (Traditionalisten bevorzugen ein hohes schmales Old Fashioned Glas), Campari & den roten Wermut ihrer Wahl hinzugeben, dann mit kohlensäurehaltigem Wasser (nach Geschmack) auffüllen und mit einer Orangenscheibe garnieren.


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